Connectivity. Sweet connectivity.

Watch out world!  Nushagak Kennels is back online!  I want to sing, leap, and shout with joy.  I want to prance.  Prance with me!  So much has happened.  So much to write about.  We’re very moved into our house, I’m feeding 20 dogs, Jake just got through something called Kawasaki’s Disease, Aimee is walking around and it’s snowing outside!

We got our internet hooked-up today.  Seems to  be working well.  Johanna has been on Facebook and I’m blogging.  Life is good.  Also bought a new camera this summer so look forward to pictures.  Other than 3 of the cutest kids on the planet, I’ve also got a great looking group yearlings to show off.

Will keep this one brief, but plan to write posts often from now on.  Once per week should be a minimum, but I’d guess more often than that.  Definitely plan to pick up the “Let Working Dogs Work” series and hope to keep it going through the winter.  I’ve discussed the importance of hard pulling, breeding, and early socialization.  Introduction to harness is a good place to pick it back up.  Just so happens I’m introducing Lucky’s most recently litter to harness this week.

Good to be back.



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1 Response to Connectivity. Sweet connectivity.

  1. Swanny says:


    GREAT to have you back to blogging. The Stardancer Gang really misses your updates. So does their musher


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