Video clips

I’m finally updating the video clips in the “Meet Our Working Dogs” page.  Click on the tab above and see what has been posted so far.  Will keep posting video clips until all dogs are represented.

Iditarod Ceremonial Start tomorrow.  It begins…


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2 Responses to Video clips

  1. Michael says:

    Looking forward to a few working dog posts this winter. After being inspired by your blog the last couple years, I found a mentor and have been learning to run dogs. My son and I will be participating in our first race in a little less than two weeks (West Yellowstone, MT). He’s nine and will run the 3-dog junior and I’ll run the 6-dog. We are pretty excited to say the least.


    • kbelleque says:

      Great news Michael. Mushing with your kids is hard to beat. My oldest daughter is nine and has been running a 3 dog team this winter as well. Good luck and keep your headlamp pointed forward.

      I’ll get going on the blog again.


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