December 23, 2011

Been a very long time since the last post.  Won’t attempt to fill you in on everything that’s happened since last spring in one post.  I’ll cut to mushing news – We’re going to run another mid-distance race.  This one will be a 200 miler in March, the Two Rivers 200.

With each winter comes a unique mushing challenge.  After a decade of mushing no two seasons have been alike.  What I do each winter depends on the weather, family needs, available help and the dogs of course.  Our first winter on Waskey Road was a cold one.  With only a wood stove to keep us warm it was almost entirely a wood hauling winter.  The last two years have been consumed with training young dogs.  A few years ago the situation was such that I attempted a run at the K-300.  This winter finds me with a modest sized yard of adult huskies, a strong cold winter, a friend willing to help me train dogs and a standing offer from a friend in Two Rivers to run their 200 mile race in March.  Things lined up quickly this winter so I decided to give it a go.

My decade of mushing has not always been easy.  Failures were too many to count and tragedies almost ended it more than once.  Failure kept me going, drove me nuts and pushed me to work harder and rethink my strategies.  It had to come together eventually.

It hasn’t completely come together yet, but it’s starting to.  My dogs and I are turning a corner.  Hard to believe that it took a decade to get to this far.  Got my college degree in four years and built a house in a summer.  Creating a dog team hasn’t been as easy.  A few generations into my breeding program I’m seeing deep genetic talent.  The dogs act like they were made for this because they were.  It’s more fun than ever.

These dogs can haul heavy loads and travel the country with ease.  Naturally I can’t just leave it at that.  Must keep pushing and see what else we can do together.  A 200 mile race in Two Rivers should be just right.


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