Merry Christmas from Nushagak Kennels

Merry Christmas everyone.

Relaxing day with the family.  Alethia woke us up every half hour beginning at 5:00.  Finally gave in and Christmas morning began at 7:00.  Kids have been playing with presents ever since.  Jake and I had a few light saber duels and now the Lakers are playing.  Good day, even if the Lakers didn’t get Chris Paul.

Dogs are off today, but will start giving rides tomorrow.  We’re offering sled dog rides to raise funds for our trip to Two Rivers in March.  Shipping costs associated with moving a team of sled dogs halfway across Alaska are considerable.  We always get a great response offering rides as a fund raiser and this time looks to be no different.  Almost halfway to our fund raising goal already and we’ll be offering rides through the Spring.  Our dogs aren’t only running the race, they have to raise the money as well.


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1 Response to Merry Christmas from Nushagak Kennels

  1. Jake Levi says:

    Merry Christmas Kyle for you and yours,

    Those are very nice looking dogs shown in the photo, pm me sometime with more about them, I favor the old school dogs, from village dogs to freighters, I love them all.Yours are really good lookers.

    Enjoy, be well,


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