Mid-life crisis

It could be a mid-life crisis, but I’m only 36.  Think I get to enjoy that later.  Whatever the reason, I’ve made some big changes.  Quit my job, commercial fished all summer, started an organic farm and can’t wait for fall moose hunting and a winter of mushing.

It didn’t happen suddenly.  Been working toward this for years.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  The summer started with a big rush to plant and prepare for salmon fishing.  We fished for a month and can now proceed at a more measured pace.

We had an all Belleque fishing crew.  Johanna and Alethia joined me in a borrowed skiff with a rebuilt motor to strain the bay for sockeye salmon.  Fish didn’t return in the numbers we had hoped, but we caught a few and had a great time.  Don’t remember spending that much time with either of them.  Johanna and I were together night and day, Alethia was with us most of the time as well.  Things got tense a few times, but mostly we talked, visited and laughed together.  Johanna really enjoyed it and we are planning for next season.  Alethia might be the toughest nine year old in Western Alaska.  She was up at all hours, out in all weather and ready to go again the next day.  We gave her days off so she didn’t burn out, but she was so helpful that we kept her with us most days.

This is a Nushagak Kennels blog so I better give a sled dog update.  Juliet was bred to Brent Sass’ famous lead dog Silver last winter.  Those pups are now 6 months old.  We’ve been free running them on the tundra behind our house.  It’s entertaining to watch the little pack of huskies bound across the spongy wet tundra nipping and tackling each other.  I like this litter.  They’ve got nice build and sound temperaments.  A few of the males have a particularly old school look to them.

Wanted to travel this trail for years.  I thought, planned, rethought and planned again.  Now with more influence on the outcome, I wake excited to meet the day and lay down at night with faith that Mr. Thoreau is right.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” ~Henry David Thoreau


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1 Response to Mid-life crisis

  1. Claudi Thompson says:

    Good for you, Kyle! I’m excited to hear what’s next.


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