Our Working Dogs

This is Hagar.  Hagar and Lucky gave me my first good litter of dogs.  I bought Hagar from Mitch Seavey 3 months before he won the Iditarod.  I saw an ad in sleddogcentral from Mitch saying he had some dogs for sale.  I called him and spoke with him for a while, didn’t sound like he had anything that would work for me.  Before I hung up he asked me, “So what are you hoping to do with your team?”  I said, “Haul wood and travel the country.  I’m looking for bigger, more traditional type huskies.”  Mitch said, “I’ve got some of those.  The tourists like big husky looking dogs.”  The Seavey compound just happened to be a mile away from my sister’s place at the time.  Mitch’s son Danny showed me around.  I saw Hagar across the large expanse of dogs.  He was beautiful, exactly what I was looking for.  I brought him home and he immediately showed me what Mitch calls “forward orientation”.  Hagar has always been a good worker and became a fine leader in his later years.  Hagar is 12 years old now and has a few injuries starting to slow him down, but he’s welcome at our house as long as he wishes to stay.

Bing is the best dog in the yard at the moment.  He and his three brothers below all turn 6 this summer.  He’s an honest 70 pound open country gee/haw leader.  Dogs of his size and leadership ability aren’t easy to come by.  He’s built like a Sherman tank.  Bing fathered his first litter last summer (he’s the only one of his brothers intact).  I kept most of the litter.  A few look to have at least a bit of his desire to lead.  If you’d like to have Bing sire a litter for you give me a call.  We can work something out.  I’m sure Bing wouldn’t mind.

Luke is also a good lead dog.  He’s a bit lighter than Bing.  Luke doesn’t have Bing’s dominant determined personality which makes him easier to work with at times.  Luke is a very sweet dog, although he did try to eat Sammy one time.  Sled dogs can be hard to figure out.

Bernard is super sweet and has never tried to eat anyone that I know of.  Never a leader, he’s all go all the time.  He’s the shortest of the 4 brothers, but every bit as powerful.  If you’ve got a load to move, you want Bernard in the team!

I hate barkers, but I’m giving Buddy a chance.  He’s a hard worker, good eater, potential leader, great coat, tough feet, just couldn’t bring myself to part with him.  He’s settled down a little in harness, but he does make noise and it drives me crazy.

Juliet is a little dynamo out of Bing and Lucy.  She’s Chip and Buddy’s little sister, and I do mean little.  She won’t be any larger than 50 pounds, maybe 55 pounds tops.  That would be big on most teams, but she’s obviously the little girl amidst her larger brothers, cousins, dad, and uncles.  She’s one of the one females in the yard and she isn’t going anywhere.  Juliet turns 3 this summer.

This one is Otto.  Otto has done very well in his introductory winter in harness.  He’s a very serious little dog who doesn’t flinch at anything.  He’s run through open water, on glare ice, through show up to his chest, and he hasn’t slacked off once.  I’ve had to force myself not to push this little guy.  Must keep reminding myself how young he is because you wouldn’t guess it by watching him work.  Otto turns 1 this summer.

This is Lucy.

Meet Chip.

5 Responses to Our Working Dogs

  1. Swanny says:

    Lucky is such a good choice to lead off your “meet the dogs” posts. I really love her temperament, as well as her conformation and athleticism. I’m not at all surprised that she tolerates Sammy, she seems to like the company of any other dogs, as well as nearly all humans.

    She’s lookin’ really good, and it’s a pleasure to see some video of her. Her pups in the Stardancer team are doing incredibly well and earn lots of comments from other mushers.

    • kbelleque says:

      Yep. She’s a gem. Almost every dog I own derives from Lucky. Her last litter only had 3 pups, but she’s getting larger by the day now. I’ll post some pictures when her latest pups arrive.


  2. sara buffalo says:

    Nice to meet Lucy finally! No wonder she and Minto made some great pups! They are very leggy, as the line goes.

  3. Jake Levi says:

    Love the looks of them Kyle !

    Whats not to love ??

    Working sled dogs !!!

    I really do like Bing.

    May his tribe increase !

  4. Anthony says:

    Good to see the dogs again Kyle. Thanks for posting these!

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