Our Family

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Johanna and I met while we were both teaching “up-river”.  Johanna was in Ekwok and I was in New Stuyahok.  A nice old man, Johanna’s principal, met me in New Stuyahok and said, “Young man.  I think you need to spend some time in Ekwok.  There’s someone down there you should meet.”  I already knew Johanna was down there so I borrowed a snow machine and made a few visits.  We were engaged before the year was out and married the following summer.

We began our married life in Koliganek, Johanna’s home village.  It wasn’t long before Johanna and Kyle became Johanna, Kyle and Alethia.  Originally we planned to wait a while before having kids.  That’s what everyone else was doing.  It didn’t suit us though.  We both wanted a family and to us a family included children.  Johanna was pregnant with Alethia on our first anniversary.  Jacob came along right before we moved from Koliganek to Dillingham and Aimee arrived the summer of 2008.

That’s our family; Kyle, Johanna, Alethia, Jacob and Aimee.  We live on five acres on Waskey Road in Dillingham, Alaska with our chickens, cats, shih tzu and sled dogs.

3 Responses to Our Family

  1. Kris says:

    Got any pictures of kids?? 🙂

  2. Dave & Vicki Kirby says:

    Really enjoyed your blog. Great looking family! Best wishes, Dave & Vicki

  3. Jake Levi says:

    Beautiful family Kyle, you are mightily blessed !!

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